16 Reasons Why I Left Corporate America

1-      After 28 years with the same company I had to ask myself; why are you still doing the same thing you did when you were 25 years old?

2-      Every week they want you to face in a new direction. New policies, good and bad managers. It was time to manage myself without a “bottom-line” mentality.

3-      ‘Cause I can!

4-      ‘Cause the ride is over and I’m ready to jump off.

5-      ‘Cause my horoscope said that today was the day to make that BIG change in my life. I hope they weren’t referring to my deodorant!

6-      No more reports. No more reports. No more reports.

7-      Ties, procedure, core values, egos and business dinners-yuck!

8-      Back stabbers, gossip, more egos and those darn ties.

9-      My desire to listen to one more person give their opinion about politics, religion, how to better run the company and those damn tie’s.

10-  My passion changed from the glamorous world of floor covering to the fantastic worlds of writing and professional speaking.

11-  I spoke with my wife and she said I could.

12-  I spoke to my dog and I think I saw him blink his left eye in approval.

13-   Our kids are done with college so we don’t need another trillion dollars to pay for tuition and books.

14-  ‘Cause I want to.

15-   Burnt out-sure. Done working-hell no.

16-  Professionally, I’ve accomplished more than I ever dreamed of. I leave behind a strong legacy and many beautifully decorated homes.


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4 Responses to “16 Reasons Why I Left Corporate America”

  1. Sarah says:

    I just read this at work, probably not a good place to read ‘reasons to leave Corporate America’. However, some very good points to take into concideration when I may or may not leave my job someday. 🙂

  2. MK says:

    I don’t know who survives well in Corporate America. You made it 28 years – congratulations! #12 is probably the most important right – if the dog is happy, we are all happy! (or is that #11??!!)

  3. Katie says:

    I like all of these too much to pick just one. All very true, and spoken from the heart. Proud of you friend.

  4. Barbie says:

    Your horoscope, really? Do you even know what sign you are? Kidding aside, great, helpful, list!

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