Through the years Scott has developed thoughts to help keep him focused and strong when his energy was nearing depletion. Here are a few of the Sales and Life quotes that Scott developed:


  • In sales as in life, listening can be a powerful tool.
  • Management is concerned with the bottom line.
  • They want sales to increase all the time.
  • When giving my best the rest seems to fall into place.
  • Others take aim at your business as if it belongs to them. It does, unless you fight hard to keep it.
  • No one at your company is going to tell you that you’re working too hard. It’s your job to recognize this and slow down if necessary.
  • Want to sell more? Ask good questions.


  • Adversity is a beast. It wants to defeat you. Your job is to never give up and in doing so, beat this tenacious foe.
  • Anger solves little. Focus and determination solves plenty.
  • Keep moving forward even if it’s an inch at a time.
  • Adversity wants you to be afraid thus weakening your core.
  • Don’t be afraid, get mad and fight. Adversity hates a good fight.

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