Running After 50

I was out for a summer run the other morning and realize that my pace has slowed. At first I wondered if I was tired, lazy or simply getting older. As I continued to put my five miles in I began to think about the benefits of exercise in general. Here’s what I came up within 42 minutes.

 1-    It ain’t easy to get a workout in ‘cause sleeping is so cozy.

2-    It’s difficult to stay in shape at any age ‘cause great tasting food that isn’t so good for us is EVERYWHERE!

3-    The wind is from the north and I’m cold. Should have worn more gear. Now in my 3rd mile- Wait I’m warming up now!

4-    I have some friends with some major weight issues. I don’t, cool!

5-    I hope that guy with the mean dog controls him better so he doesn’t lunge at me again. Why is he yelling at the dog? It’s his job to control Cujo!

6-    One more mile. Glad I got another run in. What’s for lunch? What’s for dinner? Did I call that client back? Did I brush my teeth? Stupid driver!

7-    Home. Feeling good. Time to shower and log on. Did I eat enough before I ran? Don’t forget to drink water. Gotta walk the dog. Repeat in two days!


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