As the Never Give Up guy, Scott will motivate and guide your attendees towards greater success and productivity.  His signature story takes his audiences along a difficult, yet ultimately rewarding journey showing exactly how he accomplished what few believed could be done: rescuing his kidnapped children from the Middle East. Leaders are developed and Scott will show you how. Additionally, Scott has 28 award-winning years at a Berkshire Hathaway Fortune 500 company. His message that persistence equals success is woven throughout his presentation leaving your attendees inspired, motivated and ready to implement powerful new tools to achieve higher performance. Additionally, Scott is the Dean of the Academy for aspiring speakers – the National Speakers Association Wisconsin (NSA). Scott is the recipient of the NSA Rising Star award for 2016-2017.

Scott customizes each presentation to suit your organization’s needs and leadership demands.  Whether you need an energizing keynote, a productive interactive break-out session with actionable takeaways, an entertaining lunch presenter or a thought-provoking closing speaker, Scott will work with you to design a presentation that reflects your meeting topic or reinforce your corporate initiatives. Scott’s most requested topics focus on increasing productivity big time, the unique power of each generation in the workplace and growing successful leadership teams:

The Essential Elements to Grow Your Workplace Productivity (Keynote)

Today’s professionals are tasked with the responsibility of navigating so many jobs within their job-. It’s a busy life! And, so many people are counting on you to have ALL the answers. Your leadership is essential.

This can affect your productivity in many ways. So, what is stopping us? Why are we hitting a roadblock in our ability to improve our output?

We all want higher productivity especially when faced with limited resources or significant change. How do we make this happen?

Limited/constrained resources can affect work in so many ways. It can also lead to a decrease in productivity. Sometimes we are aware of these barriers and other times… not so much. It is this desire to remove them that begins to help us find ways of increasing our productivity.

If we can acknowledge that these barriers exist than we can attempt to remove them and in doing so unleash growth, grow productivity and even have some fun!

I’ll explain as we uncover powerful techniques that unleash our productivity, grow communications between employees and management and produce dynamic results.

This highly requested keynote is designed to shed light on the real barriers we’re facing as we continue to strive for growth, a productive work environment, increased employee retention and more.

  • 3 powerful actions that WILL increase your productivity
  • Grow your workplace’s sharing of ideas and communications
  • Develop stronger and more productive relationships with coworkers
  • Engage emerging leadership talent to grow productivity in any department

The Ever Changing Landscape of the Workplace:  Motivating, Managing & Mentoring 5 Generations

Successfully Blending the Five Generations currently in the workplace can be a tall order. Your leadership is essential in assisting all employees to better understand one another!

Our goal is to help support happier, more productive employees while also maintaining a company- wide focus. Around the globe, today’s business can have up to 5 different generations working side by side. And, productivity can decrease if your staff doesn’t understand the unique characteristics and talents each person/generation brings.

This interactive presentation covers strategic methods of improving employee morale, improving operational efficiency, increasing employee retention and improving employee productivity; how to find it, how to harness it and how to keep it. Important in all lines of work!  Millennials and generation Z get a special nod in this presentation- you’ll see why they deserve it in this fun, informative and fast paced session!

 Increase employee retention and attract new candidates

  • Grow overall productivity, leadership and opporational efficiency
  • Improve employees’ understanding of each generation and cultures
  • Grow powerful mentoring programs that benefit both mentor and mentee
  • The needs, wants and aspirations of each generation and
  • The 7 most powerful actions we can take to improve employee engagement and cooperation with all generations (based on 4 years of survey)

 Signature keynote- Title to be customized for your event

Imagine how much the guy who figured out a way to rescue his two small children when they were kidnapped to the Middle East can teach you about resilience, leadership and seeing the big picture in your professional and personal life.

I amazingly devised a daring plan to reunite with my two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East. No laws required them to be returned! This proved to be a significant test of both my resolve and the strength of my conviction. The abduction and how I ultimately retained custody of my children led to the principles of tenacity and persistence displayed in this customized presentation.

My powerful signature keynote Kidjacked is the template used to take your attendees on an incredible journey.

We laugh, gasp and ultimately smile as I describe exactly how I accomplished what few thought could ever be done. Locating and rescuing my two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East!

During the presentation, I come back to you several times, your jobs and your lives and tie together our challenges, growth and triumphs. Talented women and men who are committed to excellence in leadership, productivity growth and much more! Powerful takeaways are layered throughout.

Simply put…It rocks!

Increase your leadership abilities through relationship building,

Improve your communication effectiveness with both management and staff,

Recognize when stress may be affecting business decisions,

Provide you with tools to reduce stress and increase focus,

Develop new approaches to long-term challenges through strategy, tenacity.