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7 Strategies To Grow Sales

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

1 – Get to know your customer – their needs, desires and goals.

 2- Now get to know them better- their likes, dislikes and family.

 3- Meet and greet as many of their staff as possible. They possess answers to question you have.

 4- People open up when relaxing. The flow of information grows. Attending a sporting event, dining, golf, coffee, shopping, business functions and more open doors that were once shut.

 5- Say NO to get to YES is a powerful tool that often leads to more conversation. The conversation eventually leads to great sales in a day, week or month.

 6- Um…. Ask for the order!!

 7 – After and only after you’ve listened, understand and have explained why your product/service is essential to their business should you talk about pricing. Pricing is last! Why? Because most people talk about pricing in the beginning of a sales call. Set yourself apart and watch your business grow

Motivational speaker Scott Lesnick presents the concepts of tenacity and persistence so audiences can triumph over challenges, increase performance and focus on what’s truly important to them.
He rescued his two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East. He wrote the book, “Kidjacked: A Father’s Story.” His blog focuses on parenting, stress relief, health & wellness, plus sales strategies.  Scott is a sought-after inspirational keynote speaker who receives consistent top-box evaluation ratings.