What are you willing to do to reach your goals?

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Productivity keynote & motivational speaker Scott Lesnick


Book Scott as your keynote speaker and he will motivate your attendees towards greater success and productivity.

Books written by overcoming adversity keynote speaker Scott Lesnick


Scott shares his incredible story of how he rescued his two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East.

Generational keynote & motivational speaker Scott Lesnick


Read up on Scott’s thoughts towards increasing productivity, improving communication, and living your best life.

Meet Scott

Scott exemplifies the attributes of the Never Give Up guy in many areas of his life. Over the years, the message of Persistence = Success has permeated the way he has triumphed over challenges, grew as a leader and overcame adversity.

As a keynote speaker and interactive breakout presenter, Scott motivates your audiences with his powerful and entertaining message plus powerful actionable takeaways.

Scott amazingly devised a daring plan to reunite with his two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East and no laws required them to be returned. This proved to be a significant test of both his resolve and the strength of his conviction. The abduction and how he retained custody of his children led to the principles of tenacity and persistence displayed in his customized presentations.


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