10 Things to Do Before Leaving your Job

  1. Have an exit strategy. Know where you’re going, why you’re leaving and how you’re going to pay those pesky bills.
  2. Some companies will give you a severance package. The longer you’ve been employed at the company the more they will offer.
  3. Insurance.  You need it. Your family needs it. Make sure you understand your options before leaving. If you’re going to a new job ask their HR department during the interview.
  4. Clean up as much as you can. Someone else will most likely be taking over some or all of your responsibilities. Be kind and finish up what you can and leave behind a note listing important things to make their transition easier. Hopefully, you’ll have a similar note waiting for you at your new job.
  5. Understand the options you have in rolling over any money you’ve saved in your company’s retirement account.
  6. Mend relationships. Seek out those who you might have had differences with. Say good bye and try to say one positive thing about them or their work. People move within the same industries and your paths may cross again.
  7. Your manager can make your transition easier. They can even help with severance. Thank them. Work with them so that they understand any pending issues that may arise.
  8. If possible, try to give yourself 1-2 weeks before beginning your new job. The down time will help you relax and allow you time to ramp up for your next chapter. Good time to begin the exercise program you’ve been avoiding.
  9. Farewell note- This can be done as you’re leaving or in an email and goes directly to your manager and their superior thanking them. How many employees do that?
  10. Pay it forward- Find 1-2 people who would benefit from your knowledge of the company and share with them. (who – co-workers? customers?)

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  1. Mary

    I especially like #6, #9 and #10. You never know who you are going to come across again – even when you change industries. Time before your next job does nothing but de-stress you. Lastly, I don’t think we ever do the last one but we should. You usually have so much knowledge stored up that isn’t going to do anything for anyone. You may as well share it!!

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