3 Reasons to Stay & 3 Reasons to Leave (Your Job)

I love what I do. I present keynotes and interactive training at conferences and organizations. And you wonderful folks share so much with me, including why you stay or leave your job. I listen and learn a lot. In 2024, there appears to be certain criteria that rise to the top including the main reasons you said would be deal breakers on either side.

Let’s begin with staying at your job.

Three Reasons to Stay

1. Money

Money. Salary, vesting, 401k, bonus, I need the job and I hate looking for work were the most common reasons given for staying at a job. You made it clear, money was not everything, there was more to you than cash, though it was in the top three as my notes remind me. People also mentioned that their value to an organization was, in part, related to whether they felt they were being paid fairly. And, yes, a raise or a path for advancement were mentioned often as well.

2. A sense of belonging & feeling appreciated

A sense of belonging & feeling appreciated placed in the top three and for good reason. We all want this; however, Millennials and Gen Z want it more. Don’t get me wrong, my unscientific research showed that all generations craved a sense of belonging. Younger folks appear to crave it more. Listen up leaders. The messages are clear. Money, recognition and a sense of belonging are crucial to retaining great employees.

According to Gallup and Workhuman research finds that strategic employee recognition – that is, recognition that is fulfilling, authentic, equitable, embedded in company culture, and personalized to the individual is critical for cultivating an environment where both employees and the business thrive.

3. Improving the Employee Experience

Improving the employee experience with people-centric policies and culture is included in the top three. Focusing on the individual is essential and helps retain staff. Essentially, organizations that create a modern total rewards strategy to address employees’ human needs are likely to find success in enhancing job satisfaction, leading to better retention, higher productivity and a stronger work culture. This is why people stay. From training to hybrid work, help with daycare to 1-2 days off a year to take care of YOU.

Three Reasons to Leave

Now, on to three reasons people leave their job. It’s important to remember that most of my blogs and newsletters are my thoughts and opinions. This time, I am relying mostly on the wonderful content, experiences and opinions of folks such as yourself.

1. Leadership

Your boss, manager, leadership sucks, stinks and is ineffective. Not surprising, as we can all relate to this one and the damage it can inflict on employees. I also heard mean, rude and jerky as reason people got fed up and split. We know there is a big cost to companies when this happens, yet we continue to hire and support these mediocre leaders. I’m not sure why we do this, but it runs rampant in the workplace.

2. Time for Change

It is simply time for a change. Some people like to job hop ever 3-5 years. Others have money concerns looming over them and are gone! Many people have mentioned they prefer a new environment as it keeps them fresh in terms of growth and knowledge. I admire this and as a former leader myself always supported individuals who wanted to pursue other opportunities. After all, it’s their life.

3. Company Culture

Company culture misfit, being overworked and not feeling a sense of belonging played an important role. This is important because any one of these can promote job hunting. More than one and many suggest that they would leave. Plus, all three are important in varying degrees and dependent on the individual.

According to Business.com-positive company culture is crucial. Now more than ever, workers want to feel a sense of belonging in the workplace. But not all businesses have a welcoming atmosphere. A survey conducted by FlexJobs found that 73 percent of job seekers view poor company culture as a strong enough reason to quit a job or avoid working for a company.

There you have it, my friends. Yes, there are more to add to the list, but I like the rule of three. These reasons are a powerful reminder that there is much we can to attract and retain great employees.

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