3 Ways to Get in Shape (Coming Out of a Pandemic)

In 2020-21, getting and staying in shape gave way to cookies, snacking, lack of exercise and Netflix. These important items have been there for us when we really needed them. It’s how many of us survived being shut in, shut down and shut out of spending time with other human beings. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to shed some pounds, tone up and feel ready to take on summer with a smile. Maybe you had a routine and stopped. That’s okay. Here are 3 ways that will ease you into a routine of healthier choices for the remainder of the year.

Get Moving to Get in Shape

1) Walk, jog, play tennis, swim, yoga, hike, bike, run, skateboard, soccer, basketball. The list is endless, but the results are undeniable. If you want to feel better, and you will, consider adding one or more of these 3x a week. You’ll stress less, smile more and, in time, shed weight that carried you through a year plus major change, heartache, loss and binge eating.

You can look at the stats, but it’s not necessary. You understand completely what you need and starting a slow and purposeful exercise routine will improve your mood, strengthen your concentration (remember COVID brain- that hazy malaise, foggy mind that settled in around July-September of 2020) and be happier. Remember happy? 🙂

Eat a Little Better to Get in Shape

2) Eating just a little better has many benefits including getting you in shape. Moods improve, bodies are grateful, mindsets improve, sleep improves. And, with some exercise to boot, you’ll begin to see and feel a difference in just one week. Coming out of a pandemic takes time just as being pushed into one did. Give yourself time. Be kind with the words you say to yourself. Eat more fruits and veggies. Instead of 5 cookies have 2-3 (talking to myself and you at the same time on this one) and try not to snack after 8 pm.

Partner Up to Get in Shape

3) Partner up. Drastic times require drastic measures and we moved from freedom to less freedom of movement. Vaccines are available and we’re coming out of our caves into the sunlight and it feels great. However, getting our lives back and establishing a routine will take time as did hunkering down for over a year. Find an accountability partner to get in shape along with you. Reach out to friends and family to see who wants to join in. Remember, it does not have to be excessive, just a few mindful resets will bring you closer to the results you want.

As we consider options for getting in shape mentally and physically, we need to remember that our lives were turned inside out. We each have our stories of accomplishments, despair, loneliness, and more. Now is the time to take care of you. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll feel the difference! Make it easy. Start with one simple goal and meet it head on. You’ll get in better shape and ease out of the pandemic as you slid into it. Here’s to a healthy you!