3 Ways to Grow Resilience

Wow, 2021 has been fun and challenging, plus has forced us to reconsider our resilience personally and professionally. Just when we had hoped things were done and the pandemic over, we are faced with a new variant, difficult choices and more stress. Thankfully, there are things we can do to stay strong in the face of continued uncertainty. Here are 3 powerful ways to grow resilience.

1) Stop reading and watching news. 

This works like a charm if you practice on a regular basis. However, with any form of exercise, it takes focus and dedication. As a global keynote speaker, I am expected to be on top of the latest information and do so when I’m preparing to present. Just the same, I cut my news intake by 80% when I don’t need “to know” what is going on in every corner of the globe. As you may imagine, my stress levels have decreased significantly and my space for me and others has increased and my resilience to take on other tasks and challenges is strengthened. Less news is a good thing as we’re not meant to absorb the 24-hour cycle that is available. It’s not easy to do and I recommend trying one day of the work week at first. You’ll like it. Or, you won’t! If you find yourself jonesing for more news have at it, But, if you crave more freedom to think, relax and grow resilience, than try backing off some. In this case, less is more. And, it gives you an opportunity to connect with people; lunch, a drink, perhaps dinner with friends.

2) Take time for you.

You can always come up with a legit reason why this is near impossible. Or, you can admit to yourself that you do need more (some) ME time and make minor corrections in your daily routine. It’s rejuvenating, cleansing and also grows resilience as the non-stop motion of life continues to hurl stuff into our personal space. If you don’t adjust often, your stress may grow and with it your ability to remain resilient may decrease. I recommend at least four 15 minute “time outs” adult style which means doing something or nothing as you choose. These is pleasure in spoiling ourselves and allowing our daily lives to be interrupted for focusing on us. If you can’t make the time every day, I get it. If you cannot find the time ever, then perhaps some minor adjustments to your daily schedule are in order. You deserve this!

3) Changing jobs/career.

Exhilarating, scary and filled with possibilities this move, when taken at the right time, can grow resilience and strengthen resolve. 2020-2022 is a pivotal time in the U.S. as individuals had ample time to consider what they want from work and life. This often includes a deep look into employment and options. And, there are plenty of options available and not enough talent available to fill positions. Advantage you! Through the pandemic, you’ve been resilient, changed the way you think and live and forced yourself to adjust. This has created an opportunity for growth. Now, you have interesting choices to make as you chart your next moves. It’s empowering. Enjoy this time!

Resilience is essential in our everyday life. My hope is that I gave you things to consider and implement as you continue to evaluate what is best for YOU. Take time for your own needs. Watch less news. Reach out to family and friends. Consider a job/career change.