5 Reasons Those Damn Millennial’s… Rock!

I got lucky when I decided to build a presentation on the 4 to 5 generations currently in the workplace. The topic was hot, the generations unique and Millennials (of course) were getting trashed.

Sure there were some reason for concern, but I would point out to hundreds of attendees they had it wrong. Gasp!

As a baby boomer I remember hearing from previous generations that MY generation wouldn’t amount to much. No work ethic, etc. Checking the scorecard I see that these predictions were incorrect. We’re so quick to criticize younger generations, but each one has done a great job at helping us move forward collectively. Millennials are doing the same!

  • Do you use Facebook? The dude who started it is a Millennial! Okay, that was too easy. But, they are the most tech savvy. They’re eager to learn. This is good!
  • They learn quickly. This is great. Their eagerness to grow is part of their culture. Plus, they are the #1 generation in the US AND the #1 generation in the workforce.
  • They are far more diverse than previous generations. Plus, more come from single-parent homes, blended families, and families with same sex parents than ever before. This is a fact! And, Millennials are pro women. They work to live not live to work.
  • NOT TRUE! Contrary to popular belief this generations does like to work, they simply approach it from a different angle. Many are dependable, innovative and open to trying creative ways of completing tasks. They are social, willing to be mentored and YES they want an opportunity for growth/advancement.
  • Look ahead. Jerks come in all colors, shapes and sizes. So do managers! Thankfully, the same can be said of nice people! Already making a huge impact, todays Millennials are going to be running major companies in 5-10 years. How you treat those younger than you might have an impact on your paycheck. Treat people well because they remember! Treat people poorly and…..


  1. Katie

    In a world full of negativity, I loved this read! Shame on us, as a society, for continuing to degrade, criticize, and bash the Millennials. What some people fail to recognize is this group of people are the future of our country. Our future politicians, teachers, leaders, etc. We should start building them up NOW, and focus on their strengths.

  2. Marie

    Millennials do rock. I hire a lot of people and we as a society need to start grasping that there are different ways to work. We can work remotely, we can reward staff differently, we can communicate better, etc. Millennials will force our hand in a lot of ways because of sheer numbers.

  3. Cosima Niehaus

    There are two things that every generation complains about: how they’re favorite genre is dead and how the newer generations sucks. It’s kind of like the circle of life, it’s never ending.

    Maybe with this generation the problem is more pronounced. We grew up in a world vastly different from our parents who are in their 40s, 50, 60s… We grew up with a third arm and learned how to use it instinctively while our parents did not. While many of them took the time to learn, few can match the almost instinctive knowledge that the younger generations have when it comes to technology.

    Technology drives everything in our lives. It has redefined so many social values and customs while adding many of its own. Historically speaking, the older you get, the less you like change. Given the rapid pace at which we are changing and redefining what it means to be a human in this new environment, it’s no wonder older generations have an ongoing distaste for the millennial’s.

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