5 Ways to Attract New Talent to Your Workplace

Attracting new talent and retaining them is an ongoing and essential task for all businesses and the ways we go about achieving this have changed.

Consider the interviewing process before the internet. It was laborious and took up a lot of time for potential candidates and employers. Thankfully, today we have streamlined the process, use algorithms to look for key words in a resume and even interview over Zoom.

Twitter to Attract Younger Employees

1) Twitter and Gen Z/Young Millennials. That’s right! No generation uses Twitter more than Gen Z and young Millennials. Ages 18-34, these young adults use this platform a lot. Imagine what would happen to the number of applications you had to choose from if you posted job opportunities here. We’re always looking for ideas that set us apart, give us an advantage over our competition and grow our pool of potential hires This is one of those advantages that will assist HR and management.


2) Video via BombBomb video email or other application as an embedded message in the body of an email. You’ve vetted some people and have a few that look great. Send a short video letting them know that you’re interested. This has an impact on the receiver which is often positive and sets you apart from other companies they are looking at. Personalize it. Mention a few things you saw/liked in their resume. Attracting employees ain’t easy and we need to be using available tools to stand out to them. Make sure that the person they will be meeting with sends the video!


3) Kindness is palatable. We love being treated with kindness. We open up more, smile more and can learn more about potential hires.

Leading with kindness cannot be underscored enough. When the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, announced her resignation, she was asked what she wanted people to remember about her leadership. Her response was simple, poignant: “As someone who always tried to be kind.” (Forbes)

Some people feel that kindness is a weakness in the workplace. I am convinced that is a superpower and I don’t have to look too far to see this in action. When I work with companies and see the inside operations I see it within 15 minutes. There is a distinct difference in attitude, workplace productivity and happiness and the sharing of information, ideas and knowledges. Managers and leaders who are kind receive respect, honesty and more dedication to the companies’ goals.

Ask Your Team

4) Ask your team/staff for recommendations and give them a bonus if you hire their person. Word of mouth and a thumbs up from an employee is a great way to keep the talent applying for new positions. $250-$1000 is a good spiff and can motivate individuals to help. Reminding staff on a regular basis keeps this front of mind. And, there is always the opportunity to support this initiative by letting employees know that new staff we brought in and hired directly off of a current employee’s recommendation!


5) Listen really well. Asking the right questions when interviewing candidates is essential. However, I believe that listening is essential and can easily separate you from the competition in the tight race for new hires. Attracting new talent requires us to become great at listening, better at addressing concerns and awesome at offering up clear solutions and pathways toward a happy workplace. A few weeks ago, I watched an interview and kept saying to myself “shhh, shut up and let the person talk!” It was cringe worthy and reminded me of how important training yourself to listen can reflect so many positives to a potential employee.

According to Indeed, “Active listening in the workplace is important because it’s a way to show your team members that you value what they say. During interviews, meetings or brainstorming sessions, active listening can help you fully absorb what others are sharing and think of meaningful ways to add to the conversation.”

Sometimes we simply get ahead of ourselves, excited and want to ‘over participate.’

Attracting new talent to your workplace is a big challenge in today’s low employment market. It requires moving fast, looking at multiple ways to get the word out instead of only counting on HR to do the heavy lifting. It requires a team approach with the end results often delivering more candidates to fill important roles.