5 Ways to Go from Good to Great in the Workplace

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion-DEI. Collaboration, flexible work and employee retention. These are some of the common threads that connect many of us in today’s workplace. Good is, well good. However, going to great at work can be achieved and it doesn’t take more time, more hours or additional resources. Here are 5 ways to go from good to great at work. The benefits will be mostly obvious. The journey, is not always apparent.

1) Adapt.

One of many lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic is that adapting professionally and personally is essential. At work, this powerful skill will often create more time, less stress and overall stronger well-being. Choosing topics for discussion, battles and difficult discussions requires you to place yourself in someone else’s mindset. We adapt by looking at multiple perspectives and then deciding the correct path to take. Good to great occurs as we continue to transition with less effort, pain and angst. You perform better and are poised to take on a new position/title, responsibility and raise.

2) Attitude.

You know them. The work jerks that suck the life out of a meeting, a room and a conversation. They’re not liked, passed over for many promotions and focus solely on themselves. Yuck! A positive attitude does not take away from a position you’re firm on or an opinion you have. What sets you aside is your attitude. Going from good to great requires that you listen even if you don’t agree. It asks of you to stay positive and not always focus on the negative, what is broke, but on what can be achieved.

3) Communication.

If you’re already good, great. But to get there requires patience, listening well and practice. Sure, we like to be heard and voice our opinions. That’s fine, however communication also requires us to share information, ideas and knowledge. Companies and organizations that support this philosophy report higher production, retention and increased sharing of between co-workers and departments. Isn’t that the advantage we’re looking for?

4) Change.

No excuses now that we made it through 2020-21. We were forced to handle change on the fly, adapt at a moment’s notice and stockpile toilet paper (okay, am I the only one who bought too much TP)?

Successfully navigating change is essential professionally and personally and always has been. The benefits at work can include recognition, advancement and a bonus. Making others’ lives easier does not go without notice as does being a jerk! So, move through change with grace as you are now an expert and you’ll notice a difference in how you are perceived at work and even a reduction in stress.

5) Listen to criticism.

Yes, this is difficult. We don’t like it, it makes us feel bad and it’s also necessary for our growth. Hear me out. We’ve learned from criticism since we were young and have dealt with it the best we could. In the workplace, it can have its benefits which include professional and personal growth, increase in knowledge and stronger relationships. If the person delivering the criticism is a jerk walk away. If it’s your manager then listen, state your opinion respectively and move on. If it is helpful then let them know.

Going from good to great at work takes practice, commitment and dedication. Is it worth it? I believe it is as there is only an upside. There are more ways to achieve this and I’m happy to discuss. Feel free to reach out.