7 Leadership Traits You Need for 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 will go down as a punishing year. No need to recap, you understand. I am focusing on 2021 because, well, this year has been…yikes! Below, are 7 leadership traits needed to grow your leadership at work and at home in 2021. They are interchangeable!

7 Leadership Traits to Focus on for the Coming Year

Leadership Traits for 2020

1) Listening

More than I can recall, the need for people to be heard is evident. From ages 2-102, we’ve been socially isolated, placed in fear mode and not certain of our future. Our control was stripped away. Great leaders must work at becoming great listeners. Listening should one of several leadership traits that you continue to improve upon. Doing so will grow communications, reduce stress and create stronger connections.

Leadership Traits for managers

2) Empathy

Geez, really? Yes, I can tell you that the many conferences and business events I’ve presented at (virtually) this year made this clear. Employees, parents and kids all need an open and non-judgmental ear. It’s essential in assisting individuals work through a chaotic year that has effected each of us differently. Show you care. It makes a big difference!

Leadership Traits for business executives

3) A sense of humor

 I know you’ve got this covered, but remember that humor lowers stress, grows productivity and makes folks feel better. Can you use this right now? I know I can. Leaders who understand and apply this are more likely to be surrounded by happier people. Win-win!

Leadership Traits to grow productivity

4) The big picture

This is more important today because of our leadership may not have all the answers, however sharing what they do know appears to be working at home and at the office. A sense of control is given back. A feeling that were in this together. And, a stronger workplace culture tends to follow.

leadership in big picture

5) Take regular breaks

I believe that Leadership begins internally. Who we are, what we think and how we act. My phone is set to remind me to take a break from whatever task I’m involved with every 50 minutes. It keeps me fresh, alert, and focused. Home or in the office. School or virtual. Regular breaks are proven to grow productivity, enhance creativity and allow the mind to relax.

leadership traits for leaders in 2021

6) Eat healthy (sometimes)

Now, more than ever we have to remind ourselves to put some nutritious food in our body. The pandemic has forced us to behave differently. Workplace culture and family dynamics need to stay strong and eating well, or pretty well help to reduce stress, strengthen the mind & body and really does make us feel good. You don’t have to skip cookies and snacks all together. But, mom was right. Fruits and vegetables are really good for you!

leadership at workplace

7) Exercise

Important, sure. More difficult for some than others, yep. Absolutely necessary, well, no. However, if you want to feel good, be happier and have more energy you’ll want to incorporate some form(s) of exercise into your week. Walk, run, yoga, stretch, weights, bike, swim, palates and more. There are so many options and leaders will need to keep it together in 2021 because it’s going to be an interesting year.

Children, parents, family, employees at all levels have had the wind taken from their sails in 2020. Drifting towards uncertainty, stress and even hope. As leaders, there are many counting on us to stay strong, be a guide and voice of reason and help move others forward too.

You’ve got this!

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