7 Strategies To Grow Sales

1 – Get to know your customer – their needs, desires and goals.

2 – Now get to know them better- their likes, dislikes and family.

3 – Meet and greet as many of their staff as possible. They possess answers to question you have.

4 – People open up when relaxing. The flow of information grows. Attending a sporting event, dining, golf, coffee, shopping, business functions and more open doors that were once shut.

5 – Say NO to get to YES is a powerful tool that often leads to more conversation. The conversation eventually leads to great sales in a day, week or month.

6 – Um…. Ask for the order!!

7 – After and only after you’ve listened, understand and have explained why your product/service is essential to their business should you talk about pricing. Pricing is last! Why? Because most people talk about pricing in the beginning of a sales call. Set yourself apart and watch your business grow.


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  1. Olivia

    When will salespeople learn to LISTEN instead of TALK? It’s so important! Also, getting to know your clients as people is a great asset.

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