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Most of us don’t think about flying away to somewhere warm during the summer months. We’re busy enjoying the outside, the flowers and grilling with our family. I try to get away for a week during the winter months. The icicles that form on my soul need a chance to warm up and melt in the sunshine. Motivation for families to book airfare, car and hotel is made easier by discounted prices that can reach 50%!

That’s the difference of a family of four taking a vacation or “roughing it” and staying home in the cold. Determined to get away in January, I looked up prices, booked a flight and know that six months from now, I’ll be happy I did. Oh yeah, I got a good price on a non-stop flight and an awesome deal on a car! If that doesn’t inspire you, just think about last winter for a minute. Can you picture it? Okay, now book it!


  1. Al

    AMEN! I keep an eye on flights too, as I too like to travel in order to regroup. Booking way early always feels like a stretch, but it is the best way to go! To me, a hotel is nothing more than a place to sleep, so a cheaper one in a great location is A-OK with me.

  2. Lasso Lizzy

    I never thought of planning a vacation for winter during the summer! Good idea! I am going to look for a good travel site to research.

  3. Kathy

    I total agree. I always try to get away in the winter and start checking flights months (like at least 6) in advance. Have fun on your January vacation!

  4. Mary

    I love to travel in the winter ’cause I live in the cold North! I guess I need to book something NOW!!

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