Change Management Keynote

The Benefits of Resilience and Successfully Navigating Change in an Ever-Changing Workplace

Interactive Session

From new staff to new managers. From new company direction to constant navigating change. Staff is surrounded with change and the effect it has on jobs and on their workplace satisfaction, retention and productivity. Employee engagement and talent support is essential. If those we work with can successfully navigate the intricacies, we’ll continue to grow our productivity and have a distinct advantage in advancing the business services we provide!

Sometimes it’s organizational change- cultural transformation. Or, it can be the people side-how to cope. Fear and anxiety, new management new staff and new roles can be an opportunity for growth. Plus, an opportunity for additional learning and possible advancement too.

Look what audiences are saying: 

We understand that navigating change is a constant and it’s our job as leaders to assist staff who are struggling, give them the tools and let them know they’re not alone and in doing so help them become better equipped and resilient. From innovation and technology to increase sales and a resilient and strong workplace culture. We’re in this together and change is constant.

This popular session is designed to show you how to best assist all staff, create a culture of openness and ideas, the sharing of information, and successfully navigate change in your workplace.


Demonstrate a greater ability to  successfully lead through and navigate change

Prepare a stronger vision to stay productive, engage as a leader and develop stronger relationships

Key factors that allow individuals to stress less, grow engagement and produce even during challenging times

Improved change management skills, better communication skills and a stronger more agile staff/team and workplace culture

Learn to grow, mentor and lead even during times of significant change