Coming Apart – Falling Together – Part 1

From rebuilding after a business setback to picking up the pieces after a breakup or divorce. A drop in financial or physical health to a dip in wellness. Working remote, in‐person, school, children, daycare, aging parents.

How do you feel?

Housing, mortgages, rents, Pandemic, isolation, frustration, fear, change, stress, more stress, additional stress, lack of social connections, politics, more politics, unemployment, health insurance or no healthcare coverage. The shooting and killing of innocent men and women.

Same shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, more shows needed to assist in relaxation, a mask, sanitizer, insanity. To fly or not to fly. Dine out or order in. Prepare another meal at home. To Zoom or not to Zoom…again!

Death. Many moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts & uncles, grandmas and grandpas…way too many have been lost. 180,000+ Unfathomable! What’s more is that the U.S. death total could surpass 500,000 into next year with a powerful “second wave” if ALL we don’t seriously practice social distancing and wearing mask. Multiple medical sources world-wide have said this.

How do you feel?

How many of these apply to you? I can personally relate to at least 15+. That’s coming apart. Now to falling together.

Having more years on planet Earth then many, I have developed tenets that have allowed me to survive, thrive and successfully hunker down when necessary. We all have. You have some powerful techniques that have brought you this far.

Moving forward, what will you do?

To successfully cope with the beauty of life, the personal and professional stress we find ourselves in and the “crap stew” called COVID-19, I do the following. And, it works…usually.

  1. I find things to be grateful for

2. I show others that I appreciate them. Yes, there are some I don’t appreciate too

3. Kindness. I’m consciously trying to be a kinder version of myself

4. Exercise…this is essential. Something, anything

5. Purposely reach out to others and chat

6. Eat better once or twice a week.

7. A pet is a wonderful thing. I have Eddy.

8. Extra hugs to my wife.

9. Keep a good routine, sleep, wake, shower and dress

What will you do to fall together? What techniques do you choose to strengthen yourself and those around you?

We’re living in unprecedented times that are pulling us apart, stressing us way too much and also bringing us together too.

The future is uncertain. Our professional and personal lives have shifted. And, our resolve remains strong (on most days).

Personally, I am not whole. I am a little broken and working daily to fall together. It’s a struggle. It’s tough and I have had success by drastically limiting my news intake, staying away from highly negative people and hugging my wife often!

Part 2 of Coming Apart – Falling Together will address more tips that are scientifically proven to increase well‐being, grow happiness and lower stress. Sounds good? Great! Stay tuned, stay safe and have some fun…from a distance.

In the meantime, send me an email at and let me know how you’re doing. Fill me in on what is working for you right now and what is broke. I respond to every email (unless it’s spam, ‘cause who the heck has time for that!)