Generationally Speaking

My grandmother shared her knowledge of life with me for over forty years. She was a natural leader. I was one lucky guy.

Her grandfather used to share with her too.  Not so confident in the future generations, he worried about their commitment, drive and dedication. Funny – kind of.

I’m convinced that if we went back in time say to when The Neanderthal Man lived 24,000 to 130,000 years ago, the same sentiments would be somewhat similar.

UGG– “Scott, these young Neanderthals worry me.”

Me– “Why UGG? They’re adorable albeit not so bright.”

UGG– “Funny Scott! UGG worry that they not driven to hunt like my generation”

Me- “I hear you, UGG. But if they don’t hunt, they don’t eat. They starve. Perhaps they have a different approach than you do.”

UGG- “What does approach mean, Scott? And why they not do hunting, cleaning and gathering like we teach?”

Me- “UGG, have you gone hunting with your son and daughter? How did they do?”

UGG– “Daughter stay in cave. Son hunt with UGG. We kill deer. We all eat. Son hunt different than UGG. ME worried.”

Me- “Don’t you think that your father worried about his little UGG? Look at you today. Strong hunter, 28 years old, horrible breath and a lovely family.”

UGG– “You right Scott. My dad proud of UGG. UGG not dad. UGG…….UGG!”

My grandmother’s generation and subsequent generations always surprise, please and amaze the eldest among them. Each continuing to build on the hard work, dedication and desire to live life to the fullest that the generations before them displayed.

The veterans who fought in WWII will tell you to the man and woman that they were not special. Instead, they’ll insist that they were just doing what needed to be done.

They were brave young men and women whose parents hoped that they’d amount to something and continue to carry forward the torch of dreams of an entire country. No pressure!!!

Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z are now in control. They will decide our future. They will make decisions that affect you and I. Our families will watch, some will complain and others will take action. Leaders will be developed.

After spending a few days with UGG and his family, I reflected on us humans and thought:

  • It’s in our nature to want to survive as a race
  • Worrying about the younger generations is natural
  • We are in fine shape, but as humans we need to continue to improve .Younger generations have our back-you’ll see!
  • Treat each other with respect. It’s the right thing to do. That’s one of the lessons my grandmother taught me
  • UGG likes to burn his meat. Well done is Medium to him!