Joy to the You!

Can you frickin’ believe it? Me neither! 2016 is two months in!

Where has the year gone? We trace back in our minds the events that shaped the year that’s “in the books.”

My grandmother, Eve (my dad’s mom) was a tremendous person. Long on wisdom, personality and friends, she taught me many great lessons into adulthood.

This year was filled with events that rocked our world in great ways as well as dark days.

Eve’s attitude was contagious. When someone crossed her path they were never in a rush to leave — her grandson included. Yes, her 90+ years had been filled with optimism, loss and everything in between. Just like you and me.

She taught me to surround myself with good, positive people. I’m in! Leaders know and practice this.

She suggested that I separate from those who are negative (not always easy if it’s a family member or close friend) and be a nice person. I’m in!

She neglected to mention that perfecting this art can take many lifetimes!

Life is a blast. Living it is an adventure. Making it day-to-day is sometimes challenging. Add political opinions to the mix and relationships can easily be tested.

As we look back on 2015, I encourage you to separate your professional and personal life on your computer or a piece of paper. List five things that rocked and five things that um…didn’t rock so much on each side. You may end up with more than five. That’s okay.

Keep evolving the list for three days. Then, let it rest for 24 hours and take a look at what you wrote. Highlight a few that resonate with you the most.

Call it a resolution, call it eye opening, but please consider acting on one.

You’ve had one heck of a year. You made it, rocked it and perhaps picked yourself up like we all do. Please consider celebrating the joy that is you.

Corny perhaps, but we’ve made some pivotal moves this year. It took guts. It took courage.

It took you!