Scott’s interactive and educational 1-6 hour leadership workshops and training are designed to help you develop and sharpen your skills. 

A focus on actionable takeaways, deep dives and Q&A throughout allow for participants to learn from one another as we break down the essentials of professional growth at any level. Plus, there are always 1-2 fun activities too!

Customized workshops/training deliver the latest information to assist you in growing your productivity, navigate change, grow a strong workplace culture/employee retention and increased business.

Leadership Workshop with Scott Lesnick

A Fast–Paced Workplace Workshop:

The Essential Strategies to Successfully Navigating Change

In this popular and customized workshop, we’ll discuss how we can better work through the many facets of change.

To retain top talent, leaders must understand the effects of change on their staff and provide training with the necessary support. This is accomplished by acknowledging and addressing shifting priorities, fostering resilience, and promoting interaction that allows for us to enhance recruitment and retention efforts.

This popular keynote delivers essential tools and strategies to navigate change successfully, encouraging open communication, and cultivate a resilient and inclusive workplace culture. From EAP’s (Employee Assistance Programs) to “a day off for you”, organizations are working hard to stay focused on employee health and wellness which directly benefits staff, which is good for the bottom line.

By embracing the challenges of change, leaders can position their workplace for growth, increase employee retention and engagement, and create a productive and thriving workforce.  Prepare to level up your leadership skills, inspire your teams, and lead your organization with resilience and agility.

Productivity workshop Presentation

Next Generation Leadership Workshop:

Attract, Engage & Retain a New Mix of 5-Generations

As the generational mix evolves, leaders face the challenge of seamlessly integrating five distinct generations. This engaging and interactive keynote transcends typical discussions on generational differences by delving into the unprecedented shift ahead. We recognize the imperative of fostering deep mutual understanding among employees and leaders to drive productivity, amplify diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and increase talent attraction and retention hurdles in this transformative era.

Successfully blending 5 generations in the 2024 workplace is a complex task for any leader, particularly as the generational mix continues to evolve. While you may have come across other presentations on generational differences, are you prepared for the seismic shift that lies ahead? With the exit of Traditionalists and the entrance of Generation Alpha, the largest generation yet, our workplace dynamics are on the cusp of transformation.

This presentation offers a special emphasis on Millennials and Gen Z, showcasing why they have earned recognition and highlighting their contributions. Participants will learn how to identify, harness, and inspire the potential of the people they work with, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Additionally, I’ll unravel the secrets to thriving amidst a multigenerational workforce, unlocking opportunities for business growth and seamless intergenerational synergy.

Scott Lesnick Leadership Presentation

Future Leadership Workshop

Succession Planning and Mentoring for Future Leadership

We’re turning succession planning on its head in this highly requested workshop. It is seldom smooth. You have a handful of likely successors. It’s not magic-it’s planning! Disaster recovery plan – Someone wins the lottery or cashes in their chips. Now what? How do you cover that?

Fractioning off the rest of the job role. Pay to bring in someone from outside.

We’ll learn to:

  • Start early! The need to plan early and the benefits of doing so. 5-6 years in advance
  • Develop future leaders before their manager retires. Involve the person being replaced
  • Fill in skills the person has, don’t replicate.
  • Be flexible. Succession planning is not carved in stone. It a continuing conversation
  • Understand the importance of a structured transition plan

Are you prepared if someone in leadership leaves? Do you have the important succession planning steps in place? Are you ready to develop, train and promote staff?

Leadership Speaker

Scott exemplifies the attributes of the Never Give Up Guy in many areas of his life. Over the years, the message of Persistence = Success has permeated the way he has triumphed over challenges, grew as a leader and overcame adversity.

As a keynote speaker and interactive session presenter, Scott motivates your audiences with his powerful and entertaining message plus powerful actionable takeaways.

Transformational Leadership Keynote Speaker Scott Lesnick