Scott’s educational half- and full-day leadership workshops are designed to move people into productive action.

A focus on actionable takeaways, deep dives and Q&A allow for participants to learn from one another as we break down the essentials of professional growth at any level.

Customized workshops deliver the latest information to assist you in growing your productivity and ability to navigate change, grow a strong workplace culture/employee retention and increased business.

Leadership Workshop with Scott Lesnick

A Fast–Paced Workplace Workshop:

The Benefits of Successful Leadership in Navigating Change

In this popular and customized virtual or in-person workshop, we’ll discuss how we can better work through the many facets of change.

The world has changed professionally and personally. Not since 9-11 have we been challenged to change how we live, work and socialize. None of us are the same now that a pandemic has shown us a new normal.

People are uncertain, scared and worried about their jobs. To retain your organizational talent, you must understand the effect change has on staff or risk losing them to a competitor.

Addressing these concerns openly will increase retention, grow productivity, lower stress and health issues, as well strengthen communications and business.

If those we work with can successfully navigate the intricacies change, we’ll continue to grow, increase our productivity and have a distinct advantage in advancing the business services we provide.

Productivity workshop Presentation

Next Generation Leadership Workshop:

Attract, Engage & Retain a 5-Generation Workforce

Successfully Blending the Five Generations in today’s workplace can be a tall order for any leader. Smart organizations an assist all employees, especially leaders, to better understand one another and in so doing, increase productivity and grow business.

It begins with open and vibrant dialogue and inclusion of all generations. Around the globe and in the U.S., today’s employees can have up to five generations working side by side. And, productivity can decrease if your staff doesn’t understand the unique characteristics and talents each person/generation brings.

After all, understanding and growing our talent and organizational culture creates opportunities for increase productivity, higher retention and better communications between staff and departments.

If your goal is to support happier, dynamic, more productive employees while also maintaining focus on business, new trends, and a positive workplace culture, this is the workshop for you.

Millennials and Gen. Z get a special and positive nod in this presentation.

Scott Lesnick Leadership Presentation

Future Leadership Workshop

Succession Planning and Mentoring for Future Leadership

We’re turning succession planning on its head in this highly requested workshop. It is seldom smooth. You have a handful of likely successors. It’s not magic-it’s planning! Disaster recovery plan – Someone wins the lottery or cashes in their chips. Now what? How do you cover that?

Fractioning off the rest of the job role. Pay to bring in someone from outside.

We’ll learn to:

  • Start early! The need to plan early and the benefits of doing so. 5-6 years in advance
  • Develop future leaders before their manager retires. Involve the person being replaced
  • Fill in skills the person has, don’t replicate.
  • Be flexible. Succession planning is not carved in stone. It a continuing conversation
  • Understand the importance of a structured transition plan

Are you prepared if someone in leadership leaves? Do you have the important succession planning steps in place? Are you ready to develop, train and promote staff?

Leadership Speaker

Scott exemplifies the attributes of the Never Give Up guy in many areas of his life. Over the years, the message of Persistence = Success has permeated the way he has triumphed over challenges, grew as a leader and overcame adversity.

As a keynote speaker and interactive breakout presenter, Scott motivates your audiences with his powerful and entertaining message plus powerful actionable takeaways.

Transformational Leadership Keynote Speaker Scott Lesnick