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Event professionals love Scott because he tailors every program for every audience, ensuring only relative content reaches your participants.

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Scott’s Client Demographic

While Scott’s message has universal appeal, there are certain industries where his message clearly resonates. For these groups, his mantra is to assist you in growing relationships, communication and business. Plus, leading you towards successfully navigating change, blending the 5 generations in the workplace with proven results and powerful/actionable takeaways.

Some of Scott’s clients include Corporate, Associations, Sales and Leadership Development, Human Resource, Health Care, Manufacturing/Industrial, Retail, Energy, Nutrition, Education

Presentation Themes

Motivation/Inspiration, Successfully Overcoming Challenges, Leadership/Sales, Blending the 5 Generations, Change Management, Increasing Employee Retention & Productivity – Working With Limited Resources 

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General Information

  • Scott normally arrives 90 minutes before his presentation for A/V check. Scott’s team will work with you to schedule the exact time that works best for you.
  • If you will have a professional photographer or videographer in attendance, we request a full unedited copy of Scott’s presentation.

Technical Information

  • Scott requests a wireless lavalier microphone. He tends to move his hands a lot and does not want to knock himself out with a hand-held microphone
  • Scott will not be speaking from behind a lectern as he likes to move for audience engagement. If a lectern microphone is the only one available, count on Scott sitting atop the lectern as he is a yoga practitioner
  • Please provide an LCD projector and screen with the ability to play both video and sound.
  • Did you know…Scott uses Mac laptops and travels with dongles to ensure his computers are compatible with both VGA and HDMI

Event Promotions and Extras

Our job is not simply to show up, give an interactive talk, and hit the road. As a partner for your event, Scott is happy to provide any of the following at no additional cost.

  • 60-second promo video
  • Article up to 400 words
  • Media interviews
  • Meal pre or post-event with attendees (depending on availability)

Just let us know what you need. We’re here for you!


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Why Hire Scott?

Common Questions from Meeting Planners

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Scott is the author of two books. Participants often need help talking next steps, and these resources will aid them in turning the tactics they learn in a session into a long-term pro-active strategy. Please let us know if you would like to obtain copies of Scott’s items for your bookstore, if you would like him to have them available after his presentation(s) or if you would like to purchase copies at a discount as gifts for your participants.