Ninja Leaders Accomplish More With Less

I’m used to going against the grain.  Always have. They guy who managed himself and others in a non-traditional manner was often questioned when it came to this method. Not so much though when it came to results.

Since childhood, I drove my parents crazy with questions and teachers with ‘non-typical’ classroom behavior like just getting up and wandering around.

I realized at an early age that my mind, sprit and body wandered. I embraced it, moved with it and got in plenty of trouble. Sure, I understood that it was better for your health to look both ways before crossing the street, but it didn’t mean that you have to wait for the crosswalk to flash WALK.

I self-diagnosed myself with ADD in my early thirties, had already learned to embrace it without meds and took this with me into the corporate world. And, I’m not alone by a long shot! I know a lot of women and men with the same “outside the box-ADD enriched” ways of getting things done. Often high achievers, these folks look at life, work and getting from A to B in a different way than you might. They have no choice.

It’s not the job as much as the style of leader that motivates inspires and brings a team together. Parents, teachers, police, business and more require us to lead others. Ninja leaders understand that their role is less hands on and more mentoring/teaching and those that ultimately answer to this type of leader tend to perform at a high level.

Ya see, trust isn’t implied, it’s a given. Freedom to be who you are as long as you get the work completed ain’t just a method. It’s survival when we discuss leading different generations and cultures. Millennials are the number one population at work and on the street.

They too look for leaders who understand their ways of working, playing and views of life. Understand this and you’re ability to move effortlessly in meetings, with tasks and one on ones with your staff increase. Job satisfaction and employee retention grows. People climb the ladder at a faster pace. Your non-stiff, on point, less is more meetings are in vogue. If you’re not moving gracefully like a ninja and allowing your folks to show you what they can do with less direction and more actual support than you might be missing the opportunity to lead more productively.

My meetings were notoriously open, loose and free of a tight agenda. The results were often a staff that contributed more, feared less and produced more than their peers. Upper management would scold me and warn that I was not LEADING my people. Instead of telling them that their methods were outdated, somewhat draconian and boring, I let the results do the talking for me. The results were often good.

Your family, coworkers and any team that you lead need some structure, I get that. However, they also appreciate a leader who allows them be involved, feel appreciated and set free to exceed expectations. Isn’t that the way you like to be treated? Ya, thought so. Me too!

A great leader allows other to flourish though praise, stated confidence in their abilities and positive direction.