Our Mental Health: What’s Ailing You?

Let’s admit it. 2020 was a cr*p show. You suffered, I suffered, we all suffered. And, our mental health suffered too.Thankfully, we’re here in 2021 and take witness to an ever-changing world. So, what’s ailing you? I ask because every conference I presented at last year (over 35 virtual events) and more this year made me take pause. The stories, some powerful and others too much to take in without tearing up, made me once again realize that we’re all affected personally and professionally by the loss of control in our lives. Yet, we find a way to be leaders in our lives professionally and personally.

I’ll start. I’m ailing politically. Not from a party perspective, but from an American perspective. I’m a fan of unity and working together. I’m into helping people without knowing too much about them because, after all, life is tough and lord knows I’ve had help navigating some of my years on planet Earth.

What’s Ailing You

I’m ailing emotionally. Like you, my ability to travel for work, be with family and friends, dine out, gather socially and even shop was curtailed dramatically. I felt defeated, but I did not give up. Instead, I listened to others open up and share their personal and professional victories, trials and tribulations.

I’m doing fine most days, but I do get into a funk from time to time. What about you?

ailing emotionally

I’m ailing from fear. Let me explain. I’m fine; healthy, a long-time runner. Yet, this reality has taken my smile and turned it into a (sometimes) frown. You and I never lived like this. We’ve never been in a full-blown pandemic. Yet, most of us are individual leaders in our own ways traversing our jobs, kids, spouse, significant other, parents, pets (love my doodle!) and much more. I applaud you!

worked through incredible hardship

I want to be clear. This year is going to be tough. Emotionally we’re going to be challenged again. I know this. I also know that the thousands of folks I have listened to over the past 11 months are cautiously optimistic and hopeful for the future. I agree. I believe wholeheartedly that we’re going to grow strong again. Whatever that means to you let me leave you with this thought…

You’ve worked through incredible hardship. I know this. We’re all ailing in some respect and our mental health can flip on a dime. But, you’re making your way through this mess! I take my hat off to you. You, the person who has gritted it out every day and even found joy in unprecedented times. In my book, you rock!