Running the Wrong Way!

I run outside year round in the second coldest major city in America (Milwaukee) and I have run here for over 25 years.

Now, it’s difficult enough to get my butt outside in all kinds of weather ‘cause…exercise ain’t so easy, the wind is unforgiving and let’s just say I run on the road. Yep, I’m a roadrunner who goes against traffic, gets cursed at and has had his share of ‘non-attentive or angry’ drivers.

I’m not changing because I need to run. I’m going to continue running against traffic with no music so I can see what’s coming at me.

How about you?

Is it time for you to consider changing direction?

  • Family

Take a look inward and ask yourself these questions:

What else can I do to show my family I care? Am I just present or am I an integral part of everyday life. Perhaps it’s time to jump in even more and add your own unique flavor.”  “What’s holding me back from doing this? Am I uncomfortable?”

Perhaps family, a loved one or a relationship is bringing you down.

Consider changing directions. Talk to a close friend. Open up your mind to the new possibilities others can offer. Fresh perspectives can often help us see things clearer. And, don’t be afraid! 

  • Work

Gut check time. Are you close to being where you wanted to be? If your job sucks then leave! You have my permission. It’s not that easy, Scott. You can’t just up and split!  Yeah, you can. Especially, if you heading in the wrong direction. The choice is yours but remember, some will try to stop your progress. Listen to them, and then move forward in the direction that YOU want. Don’t be afraid to change directions and run against traffic.

  • Life

One shot! Whatever your beliefs, I’d like you to consider this. 29219 days. 42,075,000 minutes. Let’s say you live to be 80 years old. I hope you reach 90! The number of days we have to play, have fun and do what matters most to us is/are numbered.  Running the wrong way can open up you life to fantastic possibilities. Grabbing hold of your life is a real job. Work just provides money to make life happen. What is it that you’re waiting to do? A friend once shared with me that we always say “someday I’m going to………. Someday I will…… when someday isn’t even a day of the week!” Don’t wait. Jump in. Run against traffic and see what you discover

I’ve been running against traffic my entire life, sometimes falling flat on my face by attempting things that weren’t wise. Other times I blew my mind and others at what I had accomplished. Towing the line is boring. Running on a treadmill is…well it’s good for ya. But, running the wrong direction is exhilarating, challenging and full of wonderful possibilities.

Isn’t it time to consider your life as precious too? Don’t you want to live your life the way it matters most to you? Are you ready to change directions after giving thought to where you want to be?

Which direction are YOU running?

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  1. Olivia

    I just started trying to run & it’s tough. I’m definitely running against traffic. It’s early, dark and cold. But I’m hoping for the runners high! I’m not going to allow difficulties to hold me back. I’m going to keep trying!

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