Self-Care Means You Care

I get it, but I don’t understand. I know that looking out for yourself in the business world and in your personal life is essential. I get it. What I don’t understand is why people give others permission to walk all over them. And trust me, there are plenty of jerks who will do so.

Sure, it’s about money. Keeping your job. Staying in a crappy relationship because of XY&Z. Or, the fact that you simply don’t have the strength to move on & take care of yourself. I can relate.

A list of accomplishments in my life looks pretty good on paper. I have done some cool stuff. But my many attempts and failures are where my success as a person make me smile. I remember each of them. I remember the pain. I remember the feelings of being overwhelmed. Lost and defeated.

They are my armor. They taught me so much, and I gained essential strength and wisdom with each.

Work and life, life and work. We are taught at a young age to be strong. It isn’t always that easy when we’re adults. I hear it all the time at conferences and organizations where I train and present. People are treated like kids at work. Little respect, overworked and undertrained for growth and new opportunities. This is where self-care comes in! Self-care is when someone does something to support their physical, mental or emotional well-being.

Women and Men Struggle with Self-Care

According to Puja Bhola Rios Forbes Books Author, “Women are notorious for being last on their own lists. Working parents are all spinning plenty of plates. We all live in such a wired, 24/7 world (especially those of us in sales and revenue ops), and I see too few of us prioritizing exercise, healthy food, hydration, meditation, etc.”

This is similar to the conversations women share with me one on one or in small groups. “It can be debilitating and we allow it to happen,” said a woman at a recent conference.

The same is true for men. According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, when men take care of themselves, they are better able to cope with the demands of work, relationships and their everyday life. It should never be an afterthought, self-care should be a top priority and one of the positive changes that men are determined to enforce in their lives.

My raw and honest feeling is that many of us can and should do better at taking care of ourselves. It can be as little as 5 minutes per day. Or, it can be a monumental decision that propels you forward with or without the bruises life dishes out.

Feedback Regarding the Importance of Self-Care

One of the advantages of my speaking to thousands of people every year is the takeaways that I receive. Yes, I bring the content and deliver takeaways, but participants teach, share and educate me every time. I love this. I love to learn. And in turn I sometimes share information that I have received.

Recently, I’ve been reminded to:

1)Leave a toxic workplace

2) Split from a bad relationship

3) It’s okay to put yourself first. This is important and you must look after yourself!

I agree. We can do a better job of taking care of ourselves and must strive to do so. Self-care is up to you and can have tremendous impact in your professional and personal life.

Be brave. Take calculated risks. Surprise yourself!