The Art and Benefits of Client & Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Over the past month, I have collected dozens of client and attendee testimonials at events I spoke at. These testimonials are GOLD! Let me explain.

As a keynote speaker, I am heavily vetted, looked at by individuals, boards, committees and more. I am surprised at the effort people put in, but it makes sense. They want to look good for bringing me in. They want participants to receive great information that is educational, inspirational and fun too! No one want to watch a so-so presenter.

I ask for testimonials from those who hired me and watched me present and do the same with the meeting planner(s). It is a powerful sales and marketing tool that I then utilize for future events, conferences, training and more.

How does reviews and testimonials apply to your job/business?

For starters, 92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase, according to Vandasta.

The art is in the ask.

Through the years, I’ve learned that when we ask for a review or testimonial there are three things that will happen. We receive one and are often very happy. We don’t get one for various reasons. And third, we get one and it ain’t what we had hoped for. Oh well, we grimace and move on!

Pepper Content came up with 10 benefits of utilizing testimonials/reviews that I like. They are:

  1. Proactive word-of-mouth marketing
  2. Deeper connection with your target audience
  3. Elevated brand reputation (in my case I AM the brand!)
  4. Credibility and trustworthiness
  5. Your brand can enjoy more spotlight
  6. Happy customers can turn into loyal fans
  7. Free promotion
  8. Improved engagement
  9. Boosted SEO
  10. Improved conversion rates

Cultivating and leveraging customer testimonials or video, reviews on Google or your website is an important business function. We understand that a customer is more likely to trust a person who has already made a purchase, which in turn becomes reliable digital proof for the business. This is an advantage we are looking for!

Obtaining customer testimonials or video, reviews on Google or your website is a form of exercise and can feel wonky, weird or even wrong at first. However, like any form of exercise or new habit, it gets easier. This is important for those of us who have our own business or are employed in sales and marketing.

My wife and I make a habit of leaving reviews for good services. If it is so-so we don’t always leave a review. And, if it sucks, we usually leave a review. You can teach your staff how to ask for customer reviews at work and continue to build credibility with your products and services. Oh yes, I almost forgot this nugget… it’s free!