The Benefits of a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

The positive effects to employees and organizations are numerous as the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace stretch far beyond your job. As with most pivots at work, true change must be given the green light from the top in order to stick. And, all workers will feel the positive vibes flow throughout the workplace as individuals, cultures and ethnicities are lauded, recognized, and appreciated. Here’s how it works and benefits many.

1) Retention of staff and attracting new candidates is essential to business stability, growth and success. Word spreads both verbally and on the internet in minutes. If your business is “cool, woke and open to all”, you’ll attract more potential employees. You’ll have a larger pool from which to choose and many of your existing staff will appreciate working for an organization that “gets it!”

Discussions grow, perspectives change (hopefully for the better) and relationships between departments strengthen. And, this will lead to an increase in productivity.

2) Productivity growth is a good thing and grows cooperation between individuals. Plus, we’re always looking for that edge over our competition.

I don’t work for a company any longer. I work for myself. One of the many benefits is that presenting at conferences and to organizations 60+ times a year gives me a global mindset that I derive from listening carefully and literally taking notes. People like you, across North America and beyond, are looking forward to 2022 and further in the future. Realizing that Millennials are the #1 generation in the workforce and understanding that Gen Z (the oldest being 24 as of 2021) desires a diverse workforce because that’s what they grew up with. That’s what they know and that’s who they hang with on social media.

Accepting all people as they are and being “cool” with what they bring to the workplace from a professional standpoint comes naturally for many. This is good for business. This is great for relationships and cross-department sharing of ideas, information and knowledge. And, this grows productivity and strengthens connections between generations, cultures and ethnicities.

3) A diverse and inclusive workplace also has benefits that are not always seen. Less stress means better health and fewer days taken off for health reasons. Feeling, tasting, knowing that your organization is working hard to be diverse and inclusive tells employees and customers more about your place of work then advertising and marketing alone can do.

It’s not that difficult either as we’re already heading in the direction of having a more diverse and inclusive workplace- there is no turning back!

Which leads me to this… You’ve been kind enough to read this far, so let’s bring it home. Home to you! Each of us is unique and brings many wonderful attributes to the workplace. We bring and deliver insight, expertise and a myriad of experiences and knowledge. Embracing one another’s talents and honoring the wonder that we are one of a kind brings acceptance, builds stronger relationships and further solidifies our organizations as leaders in a culturally diverse and inclusionary workplace for all employees. It begins with top leadership firmly supporting this and continues with you making sure that they do every day/year as we continue to grow, support and learn from one another!