The Most Beneficial Things I Learned in 2022

I took some time to reflect and connect with myself at the end of the year. Damn, it was an impactful year professionally and personally as I embraced new ideas, people and concepts. Here are the things that benefited me the most and the things I learned in 2022.

1Letting go.

Shout out to my friend Shannon for reminding me to let things go. It was mostly mean, rude and jerky people that I would mildly obsess over well after an incident had passed. This was a challenge for me, as I am often looking for answers, better ways to handling a situation in the future and lessons learned. This was beneficial because I began to improve my ability to let things go. I grew as a person. Go figure!

2- Conferences, employees and the pandemic.

Why on earth would I be asked to present to 7-Eleven executives, the Association of Orthopedic Executives and the Financial Planners Association’s national conferences? 30 conferences in 2022 and it comes down to content, professionally delivery and fee. But wait. There’s more. Much more!

There’s a huge benefit to bringing me in that my friends, family and even you may not realize. It’s my outsider’s perspective. THIS is what meeting planners are looking for. A dude, dudette that can provide information, ideas and knowledge from outside the realm and hand deliver it to their attendees.

Okay, that’s what I do. I provide insight, actionable takeaways and professionally deliver to 100-2500+ people things they can’t get at work. Here’s the more.

The extra benefit for me and those who bring me in is that participants share a ton of useful info with me. I sift through this mountain of knowledge and extract the gems that need to be repeated. Here are a few examples.

A) We’re still working through the pandemic

We’re still working through the pandemic individually. Each of us has stories, memories and battles we coped with and are exiting this hell from different perspectives and at different times. Great leaders understand this and are learning, practicing and applying skills that assist individuals first and team second. This requires great listening, empathy and realizing that one pat response does not fit all.

Remote work is here to stay

B) Remote work

Remote work isn’t leaving the workplace, but your employees will if you don’t have a compromising solution that is beneficial for them. Hey, I’m simply the messenger. The pandemic changes EVERYTHING and this is one workplace change that will not go away. I have been assured of this by thousands of people at events this year. A hybrid workplace is here to stay!

C) Folks are out and about

Folks are out and about and this includes conferences. Your staff is eager to learn, be inspired, network and grow their knowledge that they then bring back to work. Everyone benefits and workplace ideas and productivity grow!

3- Some people in my life

Some people in my life are not worth the effort anymore. Do you find this true in your life too?

It’s challenging to jettison people that you’ve known for a few years or much longer, but there are benefits too. My wife and I discuss this from time to time and are convinced that relationships can last a lifetime…or not. That’s okay. We’re human. We develop, we grow, we change. I’m always intrigued by those who struggle with moving on and saying ‘adios’ to someone in their life. It’s a challenge, I get that. It’s also very cleansing, often mentally beneficial and worth the purge. Look, I get that like all people, I am an acquired taste. That’s life. I’m good with this. We don’t have to agree on everything politics, everything people and everything about life. I cherish a good debate and being pushed to look at things from multiple perspectives. Heck, I even speak on this.

In 2022, I learned a ton. I wanted to share a few things that stuck with me and that I will carry into 2023 and beyond. What have you learned? What were your most beneficial lessons? I welcome your thoughts, ideas and lessons learned. Feel free to email me at