Violin Me!

My neighbor Sophie is 19 and plays the violin like an angel. A music major in college, she is home for the summer. I’ve known her since she began playing at age four.

Yesterday she had a lesson with a friend and a lady from the symphony. Windows wide open I received yet another in the magnificent series of Sophie’s “free” concerts.

A couple in their late 20’s was walking by, coffees in hand and pushing a stroller with two small boys. One was crying as they stopped in front of my house to calm him down. No luck!

As I watched the meltdown continue, I asked them to come and sit by me and listen to the music.

“It’s a free concert, you’ll love it.”

Three minutes later Josh stopped crying, everyone was smiling and no one was speaking. The power of music once again washed over ALL of us as we sat looking off in different directions.

When they left, the mom (Kate) turned, smiled and said softly “Thank you so much.”

Kids need music. Adults do too. It cuts through to our very core, releasing dopamine to the pleasure senses of our brain, making us feel great.

Next time you or one or more of your children are having “one of those moments” do what I do-sit outside and listen to Sophie play. If you don’t have a Sophie nearby, then put in those ear buds and get lost in some tunes as you watch the world unfold into a gentler place.


  1. Mary

    Music does soothe the soul, doesn’t it? When the weather is really nasty out, we turn up classical music for our dog who is afraid of storms. Instant calm (for all of us)!

  2. Al

    Great story Scott – I feel that less kids these days have instruments in their hands than when I was growing up – how do you think The Beatles or Nirvana became who they were, and look at the change which they inspire to this day!

  3. Rs

    Sounds like a nice moment. Wish I was there.

  4. Janice

    Thank you for the great reminder of the power of music1

  5. Wendy

    Kids thrive when they listen to music often. (So do adults) Music is more than the language
    of the soul. Music patterns help build Math skills. When the moment strikes, take time to enjoy the moment. I love this blog – Thanks!!

  6. Kathy

    I agree. Music is a great stress reliever. How lucky for you to have Sophie right next door!

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