Scott is a Certified Virtual Presenter

Scott Lesnick’s Virtual Presentations. Speaker, author and business growth strategist, Scott has been presenting virtual events, programs and leadership workshops since starting his business back in 2011.

Virtual events have come a long way- they’re fun! We now offer many options from Live Streams to Webinars to Virtual learning and Training. Scott’s new technology, studio and software programs allow his team to create a truly customized virtual experience that fits your participants’ needs and event goals.

Transformational Leadership Virtual Presentation

Virtual Training and Events

Scott loves presenting live; the energy of the audience is electrifying. We’ve worked hard to bring that level of engagement into your virtual event.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, the need for virtual presentations and training programs is more important than at any time in history!

And, virtual is a little different as is the delivery – our programs are entertaining, engaging and, well, fun – but let’s be real – you need programs that keep your audience from getting distracted, falling asleep and that make an impact – plus gives you an outstanding return on investment and powerful actionable steps.

The most important part of any virtual event is the content, stories and messages/takeaways. Scott focuses his energy on crafting a customized program that keeps you on the edge of your seat, involved at every level and motivated to continue to grow professionally and personally.

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Scott's Virtual Leadership Keynotes

Scott’s most requested virtual topics focus on increasing productivity and sales, the unique attributes of 5 generations in the workplace, successfully navigating change and growing awesome leadership teams:

Scott Virtual Keynote Speaker

Highly Requested Signature Keynote
Customized for your virtual event

Take a journey with Scott as he recounts the terrifying story of having to rescue his two small children after they were kidnapped and taken to the Middle East. Throughout this entertaining keynote, there are plenty of powerful takeaways and teachable moments that can be applied to the audience’s professional and personal lives. At the end, your audience will be inspired and prepared to be stronger, more resilient leaders.


2021 and Beyond: Successfully Navigating Change in a Fast-Paced Workplace
Interactive Session

The only thing that is constant is change. Those words are especially true today in the workplace. From staffing updates to added job responsibilities, employees are constantly dealing with change at work. Change can affect employee productivity, engagement, workplace satisfaction, and retention. In this virtual presentation, the audience will learn how to successfully navigate change in order to grow productivity, strengthen communications, and help their companies thrive.

Productivity & Inspirational keynote speaker Scott Lesnick

Next Generation Leadership: Recruiting, Managing & Retaining 5 Generations

For the first time in history, five generations are currently in the workplace. Unfortunately, this can lead to misunderstanding and frustration for employees who may have trouble relating and communicating with their co-workers. As leaders, your goal is to help create a productive and understanding work environment that helps employees succeed. This virtual presentation will provide practical and strategic methods for improving morale, retention, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Limited Resources or Unlimited Resourcefulness: Get More Done (Keynote)

Today’s leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges including added responsibilities, constant interruptions, and quick decision making. It can be stressful and overwhelming. This keynote, perfect for virtual events, is designed to identify the real barriers that may be holding us and our team back. The end result: increased employee retention, a more productive workplace, and personal and professional growth.