What I Learned Presenting at TEDx


I learned that at work, at home or on stage there is no substitute for preparation. We have to put thought into what we do and how we choose to go about it. My talk lasted around 16 minutes. That was by design. I did not want it to be too long or too short. However, there would be no shortcuts in getting around the six months it took to write, re-write, rehearse over 100 times and then deliver. Once!

Are you carefully planning, plotting and preparing for your next “big thing”? Sometimes we wonder why someone was able to accomplish something grand. The leadership comes from within. A drive to give it your all and in my case knowing that I did my very best. My TEDx talk will not have the most views, nor the least. But the preparation taught me that the painful work we do that no one else sees behind the screen is worth it. So please hang in their when the desire to give up becomes a daily mantra.


I learned that daily focus in small to large amounts has a cumulative effect. I struggled a lot, stumbled a bunch and doubted myself. “Would I be ready? Could I deliver? Was my TEDx topic relevant and relatable to multiple generations and cultures of attendees that would be in the theater that afternoon?”

I made a habit of practicing, rewriting and rehearsing every day. It was an exercise that became part of my soul. Once it began to settle and weave its way into my conscious and subconscious, I was in control. Thankfully, this occurred just enough to let me know that what I was doing was working. Eight days out from my presentation it clicked! I was ready to deliver.


I learned that work, family and our personal life requires us to deliver. Sometimes it’s a meeting. Sometimes a meal a home and sometimes it’s a presentation in front of 500 people. Are you prepared for your meetings at work? Are you focused and ready to deliver? Have you thought about dinner? Your kids are going to be hungry. What about your personal time? Have you carved out a little time for you?

TEDx is daunting, intimidating and fantastic. Being in control of my preparation, remaining mostly focused and delivering an idea that was worth spreading taught me once again that the time you use to prepare will often be directly connected to what you deliver.

What challenges are you currently facing? Are you prepared and focus to deliver the outcomes you desire?

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