I Was Wrong About Susan

Yep, I’m man enough to admit it- I was wrong! Confident I pegged her correctly; I knew she and I would NOT get along well. She’s so analytical, so focused and business-like. I’m a long time survivor of ADD who is successful because I have always done things MY WAY to get from point A to point B sometimes making a mess along the way. There was no fricken’ way we would find enough common ground to work together on a volunteer project.

One of the likes I appreciate about ME is my ability to assess people quickly, categorize them to my satisfaction and move on. I’m fair, tilted towards kindness in others and often correct.

Looks like I can get WAY better!

After sitting down and having a glass of wine with Susan I discovered a passionate, intelligent women whose basic views about life paralleled mine!

Who’d a thunk?!

I pegged her wrong. I made up my mind without ever sitting down and chatting with her. It took me three years to do so.

Lesson learned: We’re (I’m) good at initially sensing if we “click” with someone, if we vibrate well together. But, we’re (I’m) not as good as we (I) think. So, sit down and have a glass of wine, some coffee or lunch and then you’ll have a much better idea if the person you think is not “your type” is in fact a much better “fit” than you realized.

I was wrong about Susan. Today, we are friends. I got lucky!