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Leadership Keynote Speaker Scott Lesnick customizes each presentation to meet your conference and organization’s needs and leadership demands. Whether you need an energizing keynote, a productive interactive session with actionable takeaways, an entertaining lunch presenter or a thought-provoking opening or closing keynote, Scott will work with you to design a presentation that reflects your meeting topic or reinforce your association and corporate initiatives.

As the Never Give Up Guy, Scott will motivate and guide your attendees towards greater success and productivity, both professionally and personally, in person or virtually.

His signature leadership keynote takes his audiences along a difficult, intense, yet ultimately rewarding journey showing exactly how he accomplished what few believed could be done: rescuing his two kidnapped children from the Middle East. Leaders are developed, strengths are discovered, and Scott will show you how.

Scott has over 20 award-winning years in sales and management at a Berkshire Hathaway Fortune 500 company. His message that “persistence equals success” is woven throughout his presentations leaving your attendees inspired, motivated and ready to implement powerful new tools to achieve higher performance. Additionally, Scott served as the Dean of the Academy for aspiring speakers – the National Speakers Association (NSA). Scott received his CSP-Certified Speaking Professional designation from NSA in 2018. Only 12% of speakers world-wide have earned this high-level status.

Virtual Keynote Speaker

When planning an event, the virtual keynote speaker is an integral part of the meeting’s success. Scott knows what it takes to be an effective virtual keynote speaker – he has been doing it for years! He customizes every presentation to ensure that your audience gets valuable takeaways and action items that they can apply to their lives professionally and personally.

Scott understands that a virtual keynote presentation is different than performing in front of a live audience. Therefore, he brings energy and excitement with a slightly different delivery resulting in an entertaining, engaging, and fun experience that will leave a memorable impression on attendees.

Whether you are planning a virtual learning session, virtual training seminar, a webinar, or conference, Scott has the customized virtual presentation to help achieve your association or organization’s goals.

Scott's Leadership Keynotes

Scott’s most requested topics focus on increasing productivity and sales, the unique attributes of 5 generations in the workplace, successfully navigating change and growing awesome leadership teams:
Leadership Keynote at TedX Oshkosh

Imagine how much the guy who figured out a way to rescue his two small children when they were kidnapped to the Middle East can teach you about resilience, leadership and successfully navigating change in your professional and personal life. During this keynote presentation, I come back to you several times, your jobs and your lives and tie together our challenges, opportunities for growth and great traits in leadership. Connecting talented individuals who are committed to excellence in leadership, improving communications, productivity growth and much more! Powerful takeaways are layered throughout.

Change Management keynote speaker Scott Lesnick

In an ever-changing world, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges that demand adaptability and resilience. The impact of these changes on employees cannot be ignored, as they face new pressures, exhaustion/burnout, and the need to navigate uncharted territories. From AI to well-being and inclusion. From employee satisfaction to achieving company goals. This popular keynote delivers essential tools and strategies to navigate change successfully, encouraging open communication, and cultivate a resilient and inclusive workplace culture. 

business growth keynote speaker Scott Lesnick

This engaging, interactive and educational keynote aims to address the critical aspects of people capital in the workplace and is designed to assist in explaining the intricacies of the evolving workforce and how it can give organizations a competitive advantage. The workplace stands at the threshold of a seismic shift with the exit of Traditionalists and the arrival of Generation Alpha, the largest generation yet, reshaping our organizational dynamics once again. This engaging and interactive keynote transcends typical discussions on generational differences by delving into the unprecedented shift ahead.

Today’s professionals are tasked with the responsibility of navigating so many jobs within their job. It’s a busy life! And, so many people are counting on you to have ALL the answers. Your leadership is essential. This highly requested keynote based on my popular TEDx presentation is designed to illuminate the real barriers we’re facing as we continue to strive for business growth, a productive work environment, increased employee retention and more.

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